~ Suburbanism & Metropolitan Growth ~

Neighbourhoods of London, England

Neighbourhoods of London, England




Coordinating Metropolitan Communities

Regional Interest Convergence - Crowder (2014)

Coordinating Communities - Marshall Ganz, Harvard




Urban Development & Regionalization

Michigan Debates on Urbanism, 1-3

Five Myths about Sprawl - Lewyn ( 2007)

The Influence of Metropolitan Structure on Commuting Time - Gordon, Kumar et al

Urbanism and Suburbanism - Herbert Gans

Causes of Metropolitan Suburbanization - Mieszkwski & Mills

The Effect of Telecommuting on Urbanization - Sridhar & Sridhar (2003)

Syllabus - Metropolis Unbound - Wacquant (2008)


United States

Changing Urban Populations - Frey (UM)

Economic Theory and the Spatial Mismatch Hypothesis

Consequences of the Development of the Intestate Highway System for Transit - Fed. Transit Admin.



Ghettos in Canada’s cities? Racial segregation, ethnic enclaves and poverty concentration in Canadian urban areas - Walks & Bourne (2006)


Inner Suburbs

The Decline of Inner Suburbs: The New Suburban Gothic in the United States – Short, Hanlon, Vicin

Updating the War on Poverty for a Suburban Age - Brookings 2014


Re-positioning Suburbanism

Reforming the Suburban Field: Suburban Public space in the Flattening City – De Jon

The Emerging Silicon Savanna: From Old Urbanism to New Suburbanism – Stephen Marsha

Suburbanism as a Way of Life, Slight Return - Alan Walk

Landscape Suburbanism in Theory and Practice -Richard Welle

Towards a New Landscape Architecture: The Resiliety City – Mads Fars

Regional Urbanization and the End of the Metropolis Era – Edward Soj

Toward a New Australian Suburbanism – Brendan Gleeso

Integrating Urbanisms: Growing Places Between New Urbanism and Post-Urbanism - Carl Giomett

After Sprawl -- Post-Suburban Sydney - Centre for Cultural Research (2006

A Right to the Suburb? New Urbanism, Public Space and the Law - Maniscalco (2014/metropolitiques

Seeing the Outer Suburbs: Addressing the Urban Bias in Creative Place Thinking - Collis, Freebody, Flew (2011)

Testing the New Suburbanism: Exploring Attitudes of Local Residents in Metropolitan Boston toward Residential Neighborhoods and Sustainable Development - West (2008

The Real New Urbanism: Engaging Developing World Cities - Fuentes

Tiny Leaf Men and Other Tales from Outer Suburbia - review of children's suburbanized fiction

Some Problems of and Futures for Urban Sociology: Toward a Sociology of Settlements - Herbert Gans (2009

Visions of a Good Life in the Modern Suburb - Lilja


Suburban Design & Architecture

Diversifying Suburbia: Bungalow Courts - Rene David

Retrofitting Suburbia overview - Ellen Dunham-Jones


Economics & Zoning

Economic History of Zoning and a Cure for its Exclusionary Effects - Fichel (2000)


Re-framing the Near Future

The Politics of Post-Suburban Densification in Canada and France – Keil & Charme

Suburban Inertia: The Entrenchment of Dispersed Suburbanism – Pierre Filio

Hard and Soft Densification Policies in France – Anastasia Touati-More

Planning the Evolution of our Suburbs - Chicago Agency


Additional Perspective

Cities Growing Smaller – Armborst, D'Oca, Theodore (Detroit

Semi-Urban Areas in Landscape Research: A Review – Meeus & Gulnic

New Visions of Suburban Life - June Williamso

Suburbs in Transition - Jill Gran

Urban Pattern Specification - Marshall and Gon

Sustainability of Land Use and Transport in Outer Neighbourhoods - Echenique, Barton, Hargreaves, Mitchel

PERIFERIE - 2013-14 Overview of G124 Activities - Renzo Piano (in Italian)


Historical Theory

The Suburbium of Rome - Edward Champlain