NSRG Core Advisory Group

The Core Advisory Group is assisting the NSRG in the development of a Strategic Roadmap to guide the growth of the Research Group, the Institute for New Suburbanism, the New Suburbanist publication, and other special projects and partnerships.

Participation in the CAG by diverse global professionals is welcomed on an ongoing basis.

To participate, or to offer NSRG advice about its planning and priorities, send email to: CAG@newsuburbanism.ca.

The current members of the NSRG C.A.G. are:

1. Dave Hardy, Executive Director, NSRG / INS
2. Morgen Peers, Managing Director, NSRG / INS
3. Arvin Prasad, Director, Integrated Planning Division, Region of Peel
4. Anne McCauley, Planner, Independent Planning Consultant
5. Hena Kabir, Principal Planner, Policy, City of Oshawa
6. Larry Beasley, Principal of Beasley and Associates
7. Serena Somers, NSRG Volunteer Research Coordinator
8. Patience Crowder, Professor, University of Denver